A view of the Hall from the garden


"The finest surviving house built by England’s greatest architect, Sir Christopher Wren and is a trophy almost without rival. As you approach through the gently rolling north Buckinghamshire countryside, the house, near Aylesbury, stands proud of every building like a Cunard Queen, complete with soaring funnels. Better still this is the Rolls-Royce of English domestic architecture which is as handsomely detailed as the Royal Hospital at Chelsea."

Marcus Binney, 11 May 2007, The Times

Christopher Wren's Winslow Hall

"There’s an inviting convivial atmosphere about Winslow Hall, designed by Wren. It all adds to the atmosphere of being part of an exclusive club. This was like travelling back in time to catch the early days of established events at Glyndebourne or Garsington and experiencing them at their purest."

Stuart Macbeth, 25 September 2014, The Oxford Times

★★★★ Newcomer shines in a crowded field.
"Despite being a difficult opera to pull off, Winslow Hall's production has genuine merit. The visitor experience is endearingly friendly, and the marquee provided an unexpectedly good acoustic environment."

Rupert Christiansen, 8 September 2014, The Daily Telegraph

"Carmen Jakobi directed, an imaginative and lively interpretation that was skilfully realised…As Giovanni finally descended to hell through the stage, bathed in smoke and red light, the spine was suitably tingled ...Oliver Gilmour's conducting...articulated the drama superbly. His choice of tempos throughout was judicious: the Champagne Aria, for instance, fizzed without foaming out of control and 'Mi tradi' maintained momentum while leaving the long-breathed Elin Pritchard room to shape Elivira's sinuous lines to languishing, obsessive effect."

Yehuda Shapiro, 1 October 2016, Opera magazine

"Gilmour is a remarkable and intuitive interpreter."

Gian Carlo Menotti

"He is a conductor of immense talent and musicality……his understanding and conducting of Italian Opera is second to none."

Vasko Vassilev, leader of the Royal Opera House Orchestra

Oliver Gilmour